*The Princess Diary*
Saturday, March 27, 2004
im backk =). ohh melissa was the one who wanted to get out of my class. its kindda sad actually, cause when we reflect on all the horrid stuff we did to make her feel so unwelcomed. sorrrie. actually, i didnt go anything much. blame the guys!!! hmm. jensen's angry with me for goodness know what. i think its because i tried to skip the o2. bleahh. i tried apologising but apparantly he's dexlaring some sort of cold war on me. ahh. nvm. i'll just wait and see... just the advice some one gave me!

oh goshhh!!! i can hardly believe my luck , my life.. everthing!!! we went out yesterday!!!!!!! i was soo happy. and a litlle nervous. and scared. and confused. and happy. ok i admit now im confused. i dunno why. i keep thinking that he was forced into going out with me and stuff liddat which is horrible. i dunno. i cant think straight now. he paid for everything.. the movie, the food... i feeel sooo horribly badd. ahh. i dunno. but i like him. =S

okk. jessica agreed to join chamber! cant wait to see ya!!! =)
yay. cheerrs.
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
hiiii. =) school has started!!! orientation 2 aka 02 is terrible. it was so horrifyingly boring. yesterday which was the first day of 02, 600 out of 800 people ponned halfway, which actually works out to three quarters of the j1 students fleeing away from school. bleah. it is that bad. today was worse i should think, though security has stepped up indeed! right after project work briefing, hundreds of people just picked up their bags, cluster in their cliques and saunter out of the indoor gym and probably slipped out of school. shiying asked me to pon right then but i was like, 'issit it too early?' it was only 8.10 i think!!! ahh. but i regretted it later cause security then was much more lax and many people got away. i waited a while more and then i realized that it was impossible to run. the back gate was locked, the front gate was heavily gated by teachers scouting for suspicious characters loitering, trying to run away, and the side gate, as usual, was locked, and under the careful watch of some school attendents i should think. that man wearing yellow totally didnt look like a teacher to me.yah. so basically, we were like prisoners. stoned in school, doing nothing. i did try to get out at first by climbing the side gate but unfortunately, some attendents came and asked me what i was doing. siigh. then later i tried to crouch behind cars to run away together with eunice and another girl, but jensen was ambushing us. i think he was damn angry. haha. finally, in the end, one whole big crowd of people, frustrated with the back gate lock being spoiled ( the aunty was soo nice. i asked her to open it and she was like 'er sure ok.' it was actually half hour early) and we just walked out. we found that the rubbish chute has this escape route and so we got out. finallly. yesterday was much easier because the back gate was opened and karthick and i walked out of it and initially walked to the mrt, then walked to 970 bus stop since both of us could took it. we walked for like one hour? thank gooness he was damn funny and made me laugh throughout all the way until i got light headed and giddy. he is that funny. hahaha. but he says i laugh too much and it will scare that someone away!!! hahaha. ohh and yesterday there was no teachers driving around rj and buono vista region to catch students slipping out. yes they did that today and many were caught backk. wheee. so success was exceptionally sweeet!! we were so desperate to get out that we were contemplating of ways and routes and right down to demoralising ourseleves to go into some tunnel or canal that leads out of rj which happeds to be damn filthy. and ohh. jumping onto the ts rooftops and walk from there and jump down to get pass the locked back gate. hahah.

and i didnt participate in any og stuff. yesterday i ponned all the og stuff and some new comers were influence by me and my og mates were teasing me today. hahaha. and today i also ponned. bleahh. my atiitude is bad i realize. nvm. i'll try harder next time. sorry to all the 02 members whoim i know did put in a LOT of effort into organizing this 02, which might have been a blast if we were more enthu. sorry dexter, bertram, matin, jensen, edwin.... errrr. who else. yup.

anyway, lessons tml. i hope everyone in my class stays though i know one lucky person will be kicked out, or shd i say unlucky? and prob join 3a. i hope its not meee. i love my class and i would not trade if for any other classes. i think not even his class. i'll be too self conscious every min!!! heh. seriously, my class has a equal mix of people, like racially, our characters, our leadership qualities... =) and ohh. jessica is in rj!!! my jap friend whom i have lost contact with since sec 2? we were regular ponners cum late-for-lesson-ers. =) yay. and guess wat. her bf is geri's cousin. isnt the world soo small? anyway, we still click as before. this rocks. =)

ohhh. i like him. i like him. i like him. i like him. i like him. i like him. i like him. i like him. i like him. i like him. yes, i truly truly like him!!!! =)
Monday, March 22, 2004
oh. sheesh. i just realized that i forgot abt my sis birthday that was on 15 march, the mon of the hols. anyway... we just went for dim sum breakfast at allson's hotel (dont ask me why my family adores allson's so much), then we went shopping at bugis (again) and then we headed for orchard. yeah. until dinner. then we went pizza hut for dinner. yum. err. the rest of the hols were basically slacking and stuff like that. and yep! i get to stay in RJ. =). im soo happy.

last sat i had interact. we took care of the edlerly/handicapped at basically talk to them and let them have fun at the mini fun-fair put up at my sch campus. and i made a new friend that set off quite a lot of speculations which are all wrong. hmm.

first day of sch today. i tried to pay attention. i dun know whether i shd say i suceeded. let's just say i managed to go for all the lectures and tried my best to pay attention. bio was some video anyway abt sum insects. gross. i have a phobia for them. and im soo happy today but i shant reveal why. =) cheerios! im off for my dinner!
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
okk. backtrack. hols just started abt 5 days ago i think. and band left for ireland trip on last thurs which is way soo cool. i wanna go too. ireland is my absolute fav country in the whole entire world! it's just so prettyy. =)

erm. ok. lemme think. i had chamber practise on last sat and i just realize how awful my violin skills are getting. i think im getting rusty. comeon! i havent even touched that violin since i passed my grade 8? and that is like 2 years ago i think. not to mention that ive been playing the viola in ensemble since sec 3. ayee. i feel so terrible. everyone plays fabulously well except mee. and they've practised the pieces for 3 months already while i've just started. applaud me.

sunday... i went out with my ex classmates. all my best friends. all in hc. yup. we went marche, but unfortunately i didnt eat because i've just eaten a burger king breakfast with my parents and ohh, complete with a caramel pie that has just come out. it was so damn goood. i love caramel stuff so much. yum. err. yah. where was i? ohh ok. yah, since i was feeling so full, i had to forfeit the marche food. marche sells fanastic desserts... but they're all fattening. argh. who cares. anyway, i think my body has a quite high metabolism because i eat alot but im not fat. so that's good. =) yup. after that we hang arnd orchard... went shopping and tried out this pretty dress, that is pink. it's more like an elegant gown i think. damn nicee. but i didnt buy it. ive got soo many gowns rotting in my cupboard now anyway. hmm... but it was sooo prettyy. ok. then we went cine. they watched the haunted mansion while yanling and i went taka and walked arnd. met leila there. =) she's my friend's friend that later became my friend and she's soo nice. yup. err. then... we went home. yahh.

tuesaday, which is yesterday. had chamber rehearsal at suntec because we are playing for some important reception which involves some mp going in or something like that. camy and yuwadae wanted me to go down to taka to meet them but it was rainingg so heavily. they were soo nice to offer to come down to suntec instead. but. i had to go home. so in the end. siigh. we didnt get to meet afterall.

yup. that's the hols so far for you. =) and i still miss him like crazyyy. siigh. i miss him. i miss him. i miss him. i miss him. erps. but i shall try to stop missing him. I SHANT CARE ANYMORE.
Monday, March 08, 2004
yesterday i went out with my family for lunch at cafe fountainbleau at allson's hotel. it was some sort of buffet or high tea sort of thing. yup. the food there were... erm. ok i guess. i prefer more western food like crepes and madeleines. hmm. but i shant be fussy and sulk and pout over it! the food was not bad laa, except if you get down to counting the calories sitting in my stomach now!

then after that... went to shop with my mum at bugis... yep. got kindda tired but im happy with the shopping because i got myself an orange diamong studded earing that looks goood. =) im pleased with my find! yayy. ive set my eyes on this damn high heeled boots that climbs all the way to my knees. it's white leather. ohh how cool can it get? but im not buying it yet! see my resolution is finally working! but i think it wouldnt be long till i give in to my temptation eh!

today... was a normal school day except that my class got scolded in bio lecture for creating such a awful din in lecture. fine. and i think im making it a point to get scolded every lecture fot talking. siigh. was so boring in school today... had lessons until 510. no kidding, and i had my chamber audition today! it was damn screwed up but i made it in still in the end. but it was damn bad. ayeee. mabbe i shd just like cry. my grade 8 cert is like non-existant judging from my horrible standard. yuckS! haha.

and ohh. i still like that someone a lot a lot a lot a lot. but i think he's scared of me now. watever. im getting tired of this. pple are labelling me as desperate now which is so not true. and scandals involving me still havent died down after like 3 weeks? how off can thigns get? *scratches head.
Saturday, March 06, 2004
ayee. orange is a nice nice colour. so pretty. just as pretty and as sugar sweet pink. awww. =) okok. orange isnt my fav colour i know, but i think it's it's nice all the same, and it can look great when the shade and tone is just right. i dont really like those kind of dull and dark orange... looks like of mouldy or spoiled. eeew. anyway. i just want to proclaim that orange is a beautiful colour and i love it. =) haha. i bet all of you think im mad. maybe i am. =P but some of my friends may know the orange story. heh. so funny. bleahh. my mum baked choc chips cookies today. it is sooo good but its kindda bad because im eating non-stop and i can feel myself expanding (i think). and ive pigged out on cappucino ice cream and the choc chip cookies dipped with rich creamy choc sauce. as if it wasnt sinful enough. my mind really should stop coming up with weird but delicious ideas that are damn fattening. my mum should know what i mean. haha. i was making some potato for my sis to try and i added soo much mayo and mozarella and cheddar and magarine... i think my mum freaked. heh. but i like experimenting new stuff... like baking... its soo much fun!

anyway i think my sis can afford the calories. she's so freaking skinny. i cant stand it when i stand next ti her i feel like im some sort of fat dumpling, which again, im my friends' eyes, is totally not true. they better not read what i just said abt me being fat because they think im skinny and im indirectly insulting them. haha. but that's nott truee. sighh.

and i still think of that someone. siigh. apparently, this is fierce competition. i dont stand a chance... but that's beside the point... argh. i miss that someone!!! and i think that someone does know. i really dunno what to do now. should i be happy, as edwin says, that he knows? im soo confused. all i feel is... im not sure how i feel either. im just too tiredd. yawn. i still miss....

has been a tiring day because i slept late last night chatting online and then today jensen and i planned to meet at the lrt at 6.30 but he was damn pro. he made me promise not to be late but he himself was late for like 40 mins. damn smart. haha. so we went school to paint the interact banner and only did i realize that there was absolutely nobody there and everyone was dashing off for their ccas at 8.30 leaving me behind. i cant paint the banner. really sorryyy but ive nv painted a banner in my whole life except for once in se but i hardly did anything. i cant remember doing anything. even the hanging up of the banner which was supposedly my task, samuel and wai lee ad volunteered to do it for me so i really did nothing. haha. so anyway. im really sorry i couldnt help. i think ill only destroy the whole banner. so after that i left rj. and ohh i want to join chamber!!! im having my audition on mon. which hardly leaves me much time to practise but who cares? i dont really care. i want to join chamber to play in the concert!!! please let me get in ok? yay. anyway, i'll pray hard i dont screw up or anything for my aufition. yup. and im still soo tired. i think im gonna sleep soon. my eyebags are all coming out and i must look a sight now... soo runned down i guess. and tml i'll be going out to allson's cafe fountainbleau for lunch so i'll be even more tired i guess. yawn. night.

and i hope you have a good night rest too.
ohh ive got 7 points. i hope i can stay. it isnt fabulous i know, but at least it's ok. the pple here in rj are all fantastically smart, i think they're from mars or somewhere else. almost everybody is a 6 pointer, and those who get 7 are usually those who got a2s for strategic subjects while getting the rest all a1s. siigh. everyone is comparing the no of a1s they got. im happy for my friends. i think they can all stayy. yay. shi ying got 10a1s and 1a2!! super smart. im so hapy for her. yay. haha. steph also got 10a1s. =) and karthick and eunice are the top students in their school, tog with steph. all so brilliant. i hope i can stay. madan got 10 but his appeal is successful, thank goodness. adzfar has a 9 and i think his appeal failed. im sad for him. i want him to stay because he is that kind of sociable nice guy who teases people and cracks jokes and cheer people up. =) and he's soo generous... always offering people food and treating him drinks and stuff like that. and ohh... he baked marvellous cookied for us on valentines day. i hope he stays through the general appeal or whatever. as long as he stays!!! and sadly, i think my class is gonna get disbanded. a lot of pple are speculating that too. it's like half my class takes chinese and the other dont, and some are changing combi and everything, so my class, basically, is in chaos. jonathan is going to the engine fac and changwen also... and adzfar might be going tj and fairuz... that 6 pointer is going to go poly. whatever for??? he thinks poly is just much more fun. eeks. my class is dyingg. i hope they dont seperate us too much... i wanna be in the same class as shi ying, aisyah, eunice and geri and dexter and jiawen and... everyone laa...

i got a 17.5/40 for my chem test which actually is a pass, which i shd be proud of because sum pple dun even get 17.5. and seriously, i was expecting a single digit. still, i think i better buck up a bit more and start paying more attention in lectures. math lecture test was okk i think. i think i can pass hopefully... but im not sure either. haha. and then... physics. it was okk too, just that my answers are all so stupid that they are impossible, though i did apply those formulae that i memorize the day before. which was last thurs and i skipped school that day to eat sakae sushi with my mum. i know that sounds so corny and lame. haha. but i was not exactly feeling very well that morning so i decided not to go school. i like school in fact. i was bored at home before going out... i miss a special someone. haha. i shant disclose who, but yeah. i miss that person.

infatuation was thought of as a disease of the eye. i forgot where i read that from... i shant comment too much... except that that someone is so cutee. =) and my friends all say we look very compatible and stuff but... oh well. whatever. im in rj to study and do well and get my As then move on to uni and get my cert then go work. siigh. life's tough. i want to study overseas!!! why am i whinning so much? i really should stop being so whiny. im sighing and whining and complaining everyday. which is bad. and i like to jump arnd when im happy and fan myself when ahem ahem appears. haha. i think im spastic. now the whole class of girls and sum other girls are also fanning themselves and jumping arnd and everyone keeps pointing at me and saying that all those dumb moves originated from me. hmm. shd i be proud of that? haha

and ohh, dexter and jiawen apparantly told me that they think i look like an ah lian and a tai tai. as in, depending on how i dress like. so that's good i figure, since im more flexible and can play arnd with my looks more. =)

was bertram's birthday yesterday. =) happy birthday bertram!!! after school, me and aisyah had gone to holaand v burger king for lunch for some special reasons... heh. and now im a bit nervous because of some special reasons again. siigh. it's like an open secret now. i think my whole class knows because i tell those i trust, and ended up with almost the whole class knowing except woon yang. i really really didnt want him to know... i dunno why either. i just dun want him to know.. but shi ying slipped it out so now he knows. and he thinks it's damn funny to keep talking about the guy becuase he has been bugging me to tell him who the guy is since long ago just that i refuse to do so. and now that he knows, i feel pissed. argh. im mean but whatever. ohh btw, im not angry with shi ying or anything =). it's really okk. so shi yingg... you can relax!!! haha.

this is a damn long blog. thank me ok. it's just a summary of what has been going on in my life. hmm... i minused those parts about hanging out with friends because it's getting kind of routine. and ohh. my shopping stuff... i think its boring pple out, though i dunno why i shd care since this is MY blog in the first place. i didnt really get much anyway, just a deep shade of blue glittery eye shadow that looks real nice and a tube of shimmer glitter stuff. fabulous!!! and ohh lastly, compliments and scandals. haha.. i dun wanna sound conceited and bragging or anything liddat. so that's that. =)
Saturday, February 21, 2004
gotten myself this pretty purple halter and a great looking red dress. and another pink glittery shirt from veeko. the veeko shirt was like 49 bucks? but i think it's worth it because it's silk i think and it looks pretty, although it's really too big for me. nvm. i feel happy when it's in my cabinet! haha. okk. serious stuff, o's results are really coming out. and im damn worried. shi ying reasssures me and asks me not to be silly. she's soo sweet. =) and her friends are all very friendly and nice too. like they really make me feel welcome when we're talking together. ohh out of point. haha.ok. i hope i stay. dexter and jiawen promise to give me one a1 each. better keep ur promises ok? haha.okok. i gtg get ready, im going out for dinner with my og. some sort of bbq. =)

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